How to put on the Bunion Aid® Splint

Step One: Secure foot with metatarsal strap Wear barefoot, in socks or slippers. Slide your foot into the device with your mid-arch positioned near the metatarsal strap and your toe positioned to fit into the toe strap. The Bunion Aid Splint is securely fastened to the foot by means of the metatarsal strap. Secure the … Continue reading “How to put on the Bunion Aid® Splint”

I Have a Foot Problem

Select Foot Problem Bunion Ball of foot pain Stress Fracture Hammertoe/Claw foot Flat feet/Fallen arches Arthritis Hallux varus Bunion (Hallux valgus) Foot Problem: A bunion is a mal-alignment of the two bones that form the base joint of the big toe. Due to this mal-alignment, the big toe begins to angle inward towards the other … Continue reading “I Have a Foot Problem”