Bunion Splint

Bunion Treatment Splint
Stop Bunion Pain Now

Bunion Treatment Splint
Stop Bunion Pain Now


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  • This bunion splint is a 3 in 1 product that provides the benefits of a day splint and a night splint for:

    • Bunion pain relief
    • Bunion protection
    • Bunion correction
  • Wear it at home during normal activities, barefoot or with a sock. The hinged Bunion Aid splint straightens your big toe while your pain goes away
  • Adjustable. Easy to use. The soft cushion, adjustable straps and pad feel supportive and good on your feet
  • Sleep in it. Your toes and feet will move naturally while keeping alignment
  • Top choice to prevent bunion progression, overlapping toes, hammertoes and avoid surgery
  • One splint fits R or L foot. One size fits most. For mild to moderate bunions
  • So comfortable you will wear it more often
  • Award winning flexible splint engineered and made in Germany
  • Washable
  • Not for diabetics or those with circulation problems 
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in Germany

Bunion Aid Bunion Treatment Splint Diagram

Bunion Aid Splint Overhead and Bottom View

Bunion Aid Splint by Alpha Orthotics

Questions and answers

In orthopaedics, Bunions, or Hallux Valgus are one of the most common foot problems, especially among women. Bunions are caused by malpositioning of the foot and big toe. The big toe moves outwardly and the corresponding metatarsal bone and metatarsal capitulum protrude. At first only a cosmetic problem, serious discomfort can develop in time.
Inflammation and swelling of the ball (metatarsal capitulum), incorrect loading and initial joint attrition lead to debilitating and chronic pain. Patients suffering from Hallux Valgus will either be treated conservatively (Hallux Valgus splints) or surgically, depending on the degree of severity. Timely and prophylactic wearing of a Hallux Valgus Splint can clearly protact or even prevent an operation.

The Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint was developed by scientists and orthopaedists for pain relief and correction of big toe malpositioning (“bunion pain”, medical term: Hallux valgus). This hinged splint corrects toe malpositioning demonstrably, protects and relieves the painful bunion and supports the entire foot while walking. The splint is easily put on and can be worn left or right. The particular advantage of Hallufix: Unlike traditional rigid Hallux valgus night splints, this patented splint system can be worn during the day under load (while walking). By means of an integrated joint next to the bunion, the natural flexibility of the base joint of the big toe is retained while wearing the splint. And: due to the flat design the splint fits smoothly into almost any walking shoe. The Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint offers protection and correction of feet affected by Hallux valgus at anytime and anywhere.

The Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint returns the foot to its natural shape, protects and relieves the painful bunion. By means of the splint worn on the big toe, the shrunken soft parts (capsule) of the base joint of the big toe are expanded and the progressive malpositioning of the joint is corrected. Via the system of splint, metatarsal and toe bandage, the foot is stabilised and incorrect loading corrected. With the aid of the Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint, a foot deformed by Hallux Valgus can perform the natural flexing action free of pain. Furthermore, the transversal arch support puts the transversal arch upright again. The splayfoot (a very frequent concomitant of the toe malpositioning Hallux Valgus) is effectively supported by it while wearing the splint. Advantage: the Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint combines the corrective function of a Hallux Valgus night splint and the supporting function of an arch support for the metatarsal arch in a single product.

The Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint can be used prophylactically for mild to medium Hallux valgus as well as after a Hallux valgus operation.

Prophylactical use of the Hallufix® Aid Splint:
Initially considered merely a blemish, bunions can cause an increasing amount of pain in the course of time. In the case of a mild to medium-severe development of bunion (Hallux Valgus), regular wear of the Hallufix® Hallux Valgus Splint eases the pain and counteracts further aggravation of big toe malpositioning.

Studies confirm that the Hallufix® Bunion Aid orthosis is an effective device in correcting incorrect loading of the foot in the case of mild to medium-severe and not yet rigid Hallux Valgus malpositioning.

The Hallufix® Bunion Aid application following a Hallux valgus surgery:
Following a Hallux Valgus surgery a conservative aftertreatment with an orthosis is generally recommended in order to stabilize the surgical adjustment of the toe. The Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint optimally aids securing the result of the surgery and protects the foot even under load while walking. An early mobilisation is possible. Frequently, wearing bulky special shoes can be avoided. The postoperative rehab phase is shortened!

  • the Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint – corrects the malpositioning of the big toe not only during rest but also while walking and standing.
  • the Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint – supports the foot with every step.
  • the Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint – can be used prophylactically or postoperatively.
  • the Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint – shortens post-operative rehab time.

We recommend wearing the splint regularly at night. Hardly noticed the splint corrects optimally while sleeping. Additionally, you can also wear the Hallufix® Hallux Valgus Splint for 2-3 hours during the day. For example, in socks during housework or in comfort shoes with a wide foot area. At the beginning we recommend to wear the splint hourly.

Nocturnal movement is a built-in protective mechanism of the body to avoid pressure points and to distribute the blood evenly throughout the body. Up to 20 turns per night are normal, hence the cardiovascular system ensure optimal blood supply. Sleepers on hard surfaces sometimes rotate up to 80 times a night.