How to put on the Bunion Aid® Splint

Step One: Secure foot with metatarsal strap

Wear barefoot, in socks or slippers. Slide your foot into the device with your mid-arch positioned near the metatarsal strap and your toe positioned to fit into the toe strap. The Bunion Aid Splint is securely fastened to the foot by means of the metatarsal strap. Secure the main strap to your foot using the hook and loop fastener.

Step Two: Secure big toe with toe strap

After securing the Bunion Aid splint onto your foot using the metatarsal strap, the big toe is then aligned and fastened to the splint using the toe strap. Stand up and tighten or loosen the straps until the splint feels supportive and good on your feet. Your toes and feet should move naturally while keeping big toe alignment.

Step Three: Wear and move naturally!

The Bunion Aid Splint should be comfortable to use during regular activities or while resting. Begin with 20 minutes per day and increase use gradually until you can wear it 2-3 hours a day and at night. Do not overuse in the beginning as correction happens over time. Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes or poor circulation.