Bunion Aid Foot Problem Experts

Eliminate Foot Pain, Increase Foot Function and Improve the Foot’s Appearance

Dr. Robert C. Chelin, DPM, FAAFAS, DAAPM

Dr. Robert C. Chelin, DPM, FAAFAS, DAAPM

The mission at our “Aesthetics in Podiatry” practice is to eliminate foot pain, increase foot function, and improve the foot’s appearance. A physical exam of my patient’s feet begins with a complete foot physical including an evaluation of their foot mechanics and the environmental factors that their feet are exposed to daily. Read more here…..

A Healthy Gait Cycle Keeps the Pain Away

Dr. Kevin Wong, Chiropractor

Dr. Kevin M. Wong, B.S., D.C.

The average human being knows very little about one of the most important things we do repeatedly throughout the day. It’s called walking. There is a fancy term for walking, called “gait”. It has been and continues to be studied so that we can understand more about how our normal and abnormal gait patterns affect us. Read more here…..

Dr. Striebeck about the relationship of foot disorders to back problems

Dr. Markus Striebeck, Chiropractor

Dr. Markus Striebeck, DC, DABCO

Back or foot pain causes altered motions wich lead to more wear and tear in the joints over time. Good alignment and proper motion preserve joint health. Joints don’t wear out; they age by injury, poor mechanics and off center motions. With proper alignment and normal compression, any joint can outlive our physical death by a long shot. Read more here…..

An endorsement by Dr. David R. Hannaford, DPM for
the Bunion Aid® Treatment Splint

Dr. David R. Hannaford, DPM

Dr. David R. Hannaford, DPM

I would like to endorse the Bunion Aid Bunion Splint as a significant improvement over other bunion splints I have ever used in the past. The fit, comfort, and active hinge design has improved compliance and opened a new use for bunion splints that has never been available previously. Read more here…..