Bunion Splint Comparison Chart

Treatment Requirements Required features in a splint Bunion Aid® Hinged Splint Soft Splint Rigid Splint
Early Intervention Relieves bunion pain and avoids bunion surgery by straightening the big toe
Good Fixation Realigns the toe and relieves pressure on the deep tissue around the joint
Corrective Support while walking Anatomically curved straps custom fit the contour of your foot. Provides comfort and correction.

A hinged splint realigns the big toe, which enables an active lifestyle.

Dual strapping around the midfoot arch prevents slippage and provides inward and upward support while giving maximum relief

Protection of Bunions Padded lining protects irritated tissues and absorbs pressure
Proper Pressure Application Pressure points from the splint are on the soft tissue vs. the bonier parts of the foot
Convenience and Comfort Wear day and/or night

One size fits most, wear on left or right foot

No bulk – thin and lightweight

Premium medical grade materials.

Strong, durable, light and thin

Engineered and manufactured in Germany

Maintenance of post surgical fixation of big toe Ongoing use of a splint post operatively prevents reoccurrence of a bunion and corrects Hallux varus