Bunion Aid Orthotics for Medical Professionals

Why Use The Bunion Aid® Splint?

Bunion Aid®, also known as the Hallufix® Splint, is an award winning orthotic bunion splint that relieves bunion pain, is clinically proven to correct mild to moderate bunions while walking, and maintains surgical fixation during the post-surgical healing process.

This breakthrough invention, by German scientist and orthopedists, includes a patented, thin-profiled hinged splint that allows for natural flexing action of the big toe, straightening it through the range of motion.

Bunion Pain Relief

Patients have witnessed a reduction in bunion pain related to the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP) often within minutes of wearing Bunion Aid.

Bunion Aid combines the comfort of a soft day splint with the corrective support of a rigid splint. This combination is an advantage over other splints because patient compliance is more likely due to the comfort and convenience of walking in it during the day and its mobility so as to not interfere with a good night’s sleep.

Correction of mild to moderate Hallux valgus

A study proves that the Hallufix® Splint (Bunion Aid®) is an effective device in correcting mild to moderate and not too rigid Hallus valgus malpositioning, particularly in combination with a metatarsal pad. The X-rays showed the pre-existing metatarsophalangeal angle of 40° was reduced to 19° with the splint applied. The intermetatarsal angle (between metatarsals 1 and 2) of 16° was reduced to a normal value of 10° by means of the metatarsal strap and pad.

Post-surgical fixation

Doctors are recommending Bunion Aid as part of their post-surgical care regiment to maintain surgical fixation, return patients to an active lifestyle during the healing process, and avoid recurrence of the bunion. This flexible, but supportive splint stabilizes the alignment of the big toe and allows the surgical area to heal through the available range of motion. Ongoing use of Bunion Aid provides mid-foot support and keeps the big toe straight, preventing the reappearance of a bunion after surgery.

A study comparing the postoperative use of the Hallufix® splint system with a rigid night splint demonstrates a pronounced reduction of postoperative rehab-time and very good stabilization of the surgical correction of the toe’s position following a bunionectomy:

  • Significant improvement in gait was observed in the 5th postoperative week, reflected in an up to 13% improvement in the rolling behavior of the first ray.
  • Rolling behavior (load on the first ray) had also improved significantly (15%).

Night-time care with unrestrictive movement

Wearing a restrictive device like a rigid night splint limits the movement of legs and feet which compromises the natural movement of the entire body and disturbs normal sleep patterns. To avoid this, wearing a flexible hinged splint, such as Bunion Aid, that allows natural flexing of the big toe joint at night allows unrestricted movement while sleeping.

Features of Bunion Aid bunion splint:

  • Anatomically curved metatarsal and toe straps provide comfort and fit.
  • The adjustable toe strapping system aligns big toe and maintains surgical fixation while the dual strapping system stabilizes the mid-foot arch.
  • The padded hinged splint protects irritated tissue and absorbs pressure while the adjustable metatarsal pad relieves pain of toe joints, optimizing pressure distribution

Bunion Aid is recommended in treating the following foot conditions:

Why Medial Mid-foot Arch Support Brace?

Designed with similar ingenuity as the Bunion Aid bunion splint, the Medial Mid-foot Arch Support Brace provides adjustable inward and upward support to the mid-foot longitudinal arch and helps redistribute pressure points in the forefoot relieving pain from bunions, metatarsalgia, collapsed arches, and stress fractures. Unlike elastic sleeve foot arch supports, this arch brace will not pleat, roll up or lose shape, thus maintaining lasting corrective arch support.

Severe Hallux valgus

The brace can be worn to relieve bunion pain while a patient with a severe bunion is waiting for surgery or for one who elects not to have bunion surgery. In the case of severe bunions, the compression of the side splint of the brace provides support of the metatarsal bones, taking pressure away from the painful bunion while wearing shoes.

Stress fracture

In the case of stress fracture (over-use injury), the Medial Mid-foot Arch Support Brace helps support the mid-foot bones during the healing process thus reducing pain. The metatarsal pad provides lift to the transverse foot arch.

Fallen arches or over-pronation

This arch support relieves mid-foot pain caused by general stress or strain including splayfoot and fallen arches. The inward and upward support of this arch support brace provides unique support unlike insoles with mid-foot arch padding.

Features of the Medial Mid-foot Arch Support Brace:

  • Arch support insole fits inside the mid-foot contour for maximum relief.
  • The dual strapping system provides inward and upward support to the mid-foot arch.
  • Hook & loop straps can be tightly cinched to prevent slippage or telescoping.

Medial Mid-foot Brace & Arch Support is recommended for the following foot conditions:

Severe Hallux valgus
Severe Hallux limitus
Severe Hallux rigidus
Stress fracture
Fallen arches