Dr Robert C Chelin Bunion Aid Foot Problem Expert

Dr. Robert C. Chelin, DPM, FAAFAS, DAAPM Aesthetics in Podiatry 2189 Yonge Street, Suite 305 Toronto, Ontario M4S 2B2 416-921-5300 “Reduce pain, increase function and improve the foot’s appearance.” Dr. Chelin is the Immediate Past-President of the Federation of International Podiatrists (FIP) as well as its Chairman of Economic Development and Website Committees. Chelin has … Continue reading “Dr Robert C Chelin Bunion Aid Foot Problem Expert”

Bunion Aid Foot Problem Experts

Foot Experts Dr. Robert C. Chelin, DPM, FAAFAS, DAAPM Dr. Kevin M. Wong, B.S., D.C. Dr. Markus Striebeck, DC, DABCO Dr. David R. Hannaford, DPM PRODUCTS Bunion Aid® Splint Mid-foot Arch Support Adjustable Insoles Bunion Aid® Replacement Set BUNION TREATMENT Bunion Pain Mild-to-Moderate Bunions Severe Bunions Post Bunion Surgery CUSTOMER REVIEWS RESOURCES FAQs Downloads Foot … Continue reading “Bunion Aid Foot Problem Experts”

Bunion Aid in the Press

Bunion Aid® featured as a proven bunion treatment in Womens Health magazine “Alas, the pursuit of beauty brings the agony of the feet. Bunions, those painful, bony bumps on the big toe made worse by pointy high heels, affect almost half of all women in the US. Treatment has been limited to surgery or inflexible … Continue reading “Bunion Aid in the Press”

Bunion Splint FAQ

Bunion Aid® Frequently Asked Questions: 1. How many Bunion Aid® splints are in the box? 2. How often should I wear the Bunion Aid®? 3. How does the Bunion Aid® differ from a rigid splint? 4. Does the splint fit in a shoe? 5. Should I use the splint if I have little or no … Continue reading “Bunion Splint FAQ”

Bunion Splint Comparison Chart

Treatment Requirements Required features in a splint Bunion Aid® Hinged Splint Soft Splint Rigid Splint Early Intervention Relieves bunion pain and avoids bunion surgery by straightening the big toe Good Fixation Realigns the toe and relieves pressure on the deep tissue around the joint Corrective Support while walking Anatomically curved straps custom fit the contour … Continue reading “Bunion Splint Comparison Chart”

Bunion Aid Resources for Medical Professionals

Try Bunion Aid with your Patients Bunion Aid relieves bunion pain and is clinically proven to straighten the big toe in mild to moderate Hallux valgus and maintain post-surgical fixation. We invite you to try Bunion Aid on one of your patients. Post-surgical care: After bunion surgery, your patient will be able to quickly return … Continue reading “Bunion Aid Resources for Medical Professionals”

Bunion Aid Foot Disorders for Medical Professionals

Common Foot Disorders Hallux valgus Hallux valgus is the prominent protrusion at the base joint of the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint.) It develops as the first metatarsal (the large bone leading to the big toe) moves away from the second metatarsal which is often caused by over-pronation. The forefoot widens and forces the base joint … Continue reading “Bunion Aid Foot Disorders for Medical Professionals”

Bunion Aid Orthotics for Medical Professionals

Why Use The Bunion Aid® Splint? Bunion Aid®, also known as the Hallufix® Splint, is an award winning orthotic bunion splint that relieves bunion pain, is clinically proven to correct mild to moderate bunions while walking, and maintains surgical fixation during the post-surgical healing process. This breakthrough invention, by German scientist and orthopedists, includes a … Continue reading “Bunion Aid Orthotics for Medical Professionals”

Bunion Aid Information for Medical Professionals

Help your Patients Walk into Bunion Relief Alpha Orthotics’ orthotic solutions provide medical grade preventive and post-surgical care for common foot disorders such as Hallux valgus, hammer toe, splayfoot, collapsed arches, and cross-over toe deformity. Alpha Orthotics is committed to clinically tested and breakthrough innovations that encourage patient compliance through comfort and convenience. With these … Continue reading “Bunion Aid Information for Medical Professionals”

Bunion-Aid® Hinged Splint Customer Reviews

What fellow bunion sufferers have to say about Bunion-Aid® ! Wonderful product for bunion pain and toe alignment 5.0 out of 5 stars This is the most effective product I have ever used to relieve bunion pain. I tried other splints and such, but this is completely different. Although the stretch feels gentle, it really … Continue reading “Bunion-Aid® Hinged Splint Customer Reviews”