Hallufix® BianGo Adjustable Bunion Sandal

Hallufix® BianGo Strapless Bunion Sandal
the Hallux Valgus Bunion Therapy Sandal

Adjustable Bunion Sandals for Hallux Valgus

Hallufix Bunion Treatment Sandals

The individually adjustable big toe strap corrects the toe misalignment gently and sustainably. By turning the twist button, the big toe shovel moves gently and brings the toe back into the correct position. Wear time is therapy time. Your therapy starts when you wear it for the first time!

Hallufix Bunion Treatment Sandals

Optimal adjustment of the big toe strap using the twist button, the soft gel cushion increases wearing comfort and prevents pressure points.

Hallufix® BianGo Adjustable Leather Bunion Sandals
The BianGo mule is completely white and is suitable for everyday use as well as for white work clothing.

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*Ships from Germany

  • This bunion splint is a 3 in 1 product that provides the benefits of a day splint and a night splint for:

    • Bunion pain relief
    • Bunion protection
    • Bunion correction
  • The first bunion sandal in the world to correct hallux valgus (bunions) while being worn.
  • Provides immediate pain relief.
  • The movement of the foot results in a faster and more effective correction.
  • The individually adjustable big toe strap gently corrects the malpositioning of the big toe.
  • The twist button which is connected with the toe strap ensures an optimal fit.
  • Soothing gel cushions on the big toe strap ensure a comfortable hold.
  • The removable insole can be replaced with individual orthopaedic insoles if required.
  • The sandal is small in size, we recommend to order one size larger.
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in Germany