Seniors Declare War on Hallux Valgus with Bunion Aid

German engineered day/night hinged splint offers comfort and correction
for millions of seniors with painful bunions.

San Francisco,
CA –March 2, 2009 –
Many seniors accept that muscle and joint discomfort is
a natural consequence of the aging process. 
Over 9 million senior citizens have painful hallux valgus or “bunions”,
which deprives them of the active lifestyle many desire. Due to the recent
introduction of Bunion Aid, a new day/night hinged splint launched into the
U.S. market from Germany, seniors will no longer have to accept bunion pain as
part of their daily routine and can do the activities they love including
playing with grandchildren, golfing, walking for exercise and traveling. 

Alpha Orthotics Corporation (  opened their online shop at last
month to make it convenient for consumers, including seniors, to purchase
Bunion Aid with the click of a mouse. The Bunion Aid splint is also available
at select retailers and podiatrists nationwide for an SRP of $59.95.

Bunion Aid is a combination of a medical-grade plastic splint
and hook & loop
fastening metatarsal and toe straps. The plastic portion of the splint is
hinged and fastened along the inside border of the foot with a toe and
metatarsal strap. The straps and the splint provide three-point correction of
the bunion deformity though-out the gait cycle. The metatarsal arch is
optimally stabilized, the bunion relieved, the mal-positioning of the toe
corrected and the foot brought back and held in its natural position. The
splint is easy to apply, fits on either the left or right foot and one size
fits all.  Bunion-Aid is an alternative
for people with mild to moderate bunions and can help with post-surgery

time to defeat bunions once and for all”, 
said Gaby Federal, CEO of Alpha Orthotics Corporation. ”Bunion Aid can
be used as a conservative pain reduction treatment option that may help avoid
or postpone the need for invasive surgery. We want to help seniors who suffer
from painful bunions return to a pain-free and active lifestyle.”

About Hallux Valgus or “Bunions”

Hallux valgus forces the big toe outward, which
causes the metatarsal bone and the metatarsal capitulum to protrude.
 Initially a cosmetic problem, in time serious pain can develop.
Inflammation and swelling of the ball, incorrect loading and initial joint
attrition (arthrosis) can lead to strong and persistent pain.  The reasons
for the development of Hallux valgus are an inherited predisposition, a
tendency towards weak supporting and connective tissue or muscular imbalance.
Mal-positioning is aggravated by too tight or too pointed shoes.  Hallux
valgus patients traditionally have been treated with surgery or rigid night
splints. Bunion Aid is a non-invasive alternative for people with mild to
moderate bunions, which can possibly prevent surgery and help with post-surgery

About Alpha
Orthotics Corporation USA

Alpha Orthotics Corporation ( is a
wholly owned subsidiary of German Hallufix Corporation.   Alpha
Orthotics Corporation markets and sells patented, German-engineered
non-invasive orthotics products directly to consumers and to the medical community.