Not sure if you have a bunion? Self assess before seeking bunion treatment

Manchester scale, once used only by physicians to identify a bunion’s severity,
now available to patients.

– March 10, 2011 – Alpha Orthotics Corp., US distributor for Bunion Aid®, an
award-winning bunion splint, makes available a simple clinical screening tool,
the Manchester scale, for self-assessing the severity of Hallux valgus
(bunions). It provides an easy way to identify the degree to which one may have
bunions prior to seeking bunion treatment or medical advice. Until recently,
only physicians used the Manchester scale to measure the medial deviation of
the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint with respect to the big toe. However,
according to a recent study, the
accuracy of patients using the scale to self-assess bunion severity is

The Manchester scale includes standardized photographs of
feet with four grades of Hallux valgus (none, mild, moderate, and severe).Assessment guide for Hallux valgus The
objectives of the study were to measure the re-test reliability and validity of
using this simple clinical screening tool in self-assessment of Hallux valgus.
The study demonstrated a strong association between participants (patients) and
examiners (physicians) using the Manchester scale to document the presence and
severity of Hallux valgus.

to Hylton B Menz, one of the authors of the study, “The key advantages of the
Manchester scale are that the photographs represent real cases of Hallux valgus
selected by a consensus panel of podiatrists to represent the full spectrum of
the deformity.”

As a
result of this study, Alpha Orthotics Corp provides this tool as well as
recommended bunion treatments. The enlarged, life-sized foot images (right and
left feet) are easy to download and print directly from the Alpha Orthotics web
site. There are four measurements: No deformity=0, Mild deformity=1, Moderate
deformity=2, and Advanced deformity=4. Rather than having to visit a doctor to
assess the severity of a bunion, this self-assessment process will help individuals
know whether to wear a bunion splint or to further seek professional medical

“We are
pleased to see this study validate the use of the Manchester scale as a
reliable way to self-assess the severity of one’s toe deformity,” proclaimed
Gaby Federal, President Alpha Orthotics, “because early prevention of a bunion
can reduce bunion pain and help avoid bunion surgery. The re-test reliability
is encouraging, as well, so the scale can be used to measure the progress of
bunion treatment over time.”

The Manchester
scale’s standardized foot images are easily accessible from Alpha Orthotics by
clicking Bunion
Self Treatment Guide
. Bunion Aid, a flexible hinged bunion splint, and the Medial
Mid-foot Brace
, an arch support brace, are available through Alpha
and other online retailers and medical professionals.

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