Every Foot Tells A Story

examines feet before back and neck.

Tiburon, CA – March 29, 2011 Alpha Orthotics Corp shares a story of chiropractor,
Dr. Kevin Wong, D.C, Orinda, CA, who examines and treats foot biomechanics to
relieve back or neck pain. Using a combination of chiropractic care, orthotics,
and bunion
, he brings balance and stabilization back into the spine.

From the
perspective of Dr. Kevin Wong, “Every foot tells a story”, and here is a story
about his practice. A patient comes into his office Three arches of the footand complains of back pain
or neck pain. She may be surprised to notice that Dr. Wong does not start the
examination with her lower back or neck; rather he starts with examining her
feet. She may be further surprised, when Dr. Wong concludes her problem is not
the spine or neck, rather it is an imbalance in one or all of the three arches
in the foot.

“The body is a fluid, kinematic chain of
events,” according to Dr. Wong, “and is not static.” Every heel-strike during
the gait cycle causes a shock wave to travel up through the body, hitting
stress points such as the feet, knees, pelvis, lower back, and neck. It only
takes one of the three arches of the foot to be out of alignment to cause pain
in another part of the body. Dr. Wong states, “Every biomechanical imbalance is
transmitted to the spine.”

supporting all three of the natural arches helps stabilize the spine. Over
time, arches tend to flatten which place additional stress on the fore foot,
leading to the development of bunions and
bunion pain. Bunions further exasperate the imbalance, sending shock waves up
through the body to structural stress points. 

Dr. Wong
believes, “Using a bunion splint that provides support to the three arches is
an effective way to prevent stress on other parts of the body. I noticed Bunion Aid® because it is the only day or night
splint that supports all three arches – longitudinal, medial, and transverse
arches – while straightening the big toe.” This hinged splint facilitates a
normal balanced gait cycle which helps stabilize the spine.

About Dr. Kevin Wong, DC

Kevin Wong (http://www.orindachiropractic.com)
has been a practicing Chiropractor and International Lecturer for over 14 years
since graduating from Palmer West Chiropractic College in 1996. Although he is
well versed in neck and back treatments, he specializes in the feet and
extremities of the body. In particular, he educates his patients about how
feet affect health conditions throughout the body. He treats all age ranges and
many types of painful conditions with a variety of traditional and lighter
force Chiropractic techniques.  In addition to having a full-time practice
in Orinda, CA, Dr. Wong teaches over 50 hours of continuing education per year
on understanding the spine and extremities of the body.

About Alpha Orthotics Corp

Alpha Orthotics Corp. (http://www.alphaorthotics.com) is a
wholly owned subsidiary of German Hallufix Corporation.  Alpha Orthotics markets and sells patented,
German-engineered non-invasive orthotic products directly to consumers and to
the medical community. Alpha Orthotics is committed to informing people about
Hallux valgus by providing information about foot health and preventive

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