European Splayfoot Insole Launches in United States

German-engineered versatile shoe
insole relieves discomfort caused by splayfoot, hammertoe, claw foot and

San Francisco, CA – September 15, 2009 – Many women experience foot pain
caused by common foot deformities such as splayfoot, hammertoe, and claw foot, especially
when wearing shoes.   These foot disorders can make everyday
activities such as working, doing errands and even going to the grocery store a
painful and uncomfortable experience.  An
ideal pain-relief solution for busy women on-the-go would be supportive, yet
fashionable and be adjustable to fit any foot shape and shoe style – whether
casual or dress.

Alpha Orthotics Corporation
( announced today the launch of its Splayfoot Insole in
the United States. The Splayfoot Insole provides pain relief for splayfoot,
hammertoe, claw foot, calluses and metatarsalgia.  The Alpha Orthotics Splayfoot Insole is more
versatile than other insoles on the market since the metatarsal pad that comes
with the insole can be easily adjusted to the position of the mid-foot in a
shoe.  The insole is easily transferable
from one shoe to another since it lies on top of the existing shoe liner and
does not need to be glued into place. The Splayfoot Insole launched into Europe
in early 2009 and is available online through the Alpha Orthotics website ( at a
suggested retail price of $29.95. 

“Splayfoot and other dysfunctions
where a foot arch is weakened are very painful”, stated Gaby Federal,
President of Alpha Orthotics Corp. “Our Splayfoot Insole is unique because
it is so versatile.  It was designed to
fit into any type of shoe.  Our goal was
to create an excellent quality, yet inexpensive pain relief solution for active
women who are frequently changing shoes from casual to dress.”

How Splayfoot Insole Works 

The Splayfoot Insole system consists of one pair of
insoles for the left and right foot, and one pair of metatarsal pads.  The insoles can be worn all day and worn
fashionably in any shoe without being seen. 
It is 100% supportive and 100% invisible.  The thin profile of the Splayfoot Insole prevents
the heel from rising above the back edge of the shoe which can be very awkward
and uncomfortable. 

The adjustable metatarsal pad supports the transverse
arch. Proper placement of the pad on top of the insole re-establishes normal
distribution of pressure throughout the front of the foot.
Splayfoot Insole relieves pain for the following conditions:

Splayfoot:  where the “longitudinal arch” and the
“metatarsal arch” are weakened, the Splayfoot Insole supports the arch and
middle bones of the foot which in turn supports the longitudinal arch of the

Hammertoe: where
one or both joints of the second, thirds, fourth or little toes abnormally bend
causing pain, calluses, or corns, the metatarsal pad of the Splayfoot Insole
helps control the imbalance of the muscles and tendons.

Claw Foot:
where toes tend to “claw”, digging down into the soles of the shoes creating
painful calluses, the Splayfoot Insole with its adjustable pad redistributes
weight and relieves pressure from the ball of the foot.

(ball-of-foot pain) where the bones and joints at the ball of the foot
(metatarsal region) become inflamed due to excessive pressure or weight over
time, the Splayfoot Insole redistributes
weight from the painful metatarsal head area to more tolerant areas.

About Alpha Orthotics Corporation

Alpha Orthotics
Corporation ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of
German Hallufix Corporation.   Alpha
Orthotics markets and sells patented, German-engineered non-invasive orthotic
products directly to consumers and to the medical community.