Bunion Splints Are Effective For Bunion Treatment

A concise guide for treating bunions with splints –
from the perspective of doctors and patients.

Tiburon, Ca – February 22, 2011 – Alpha
Orthotics Corp., distributor of the award-winning hinged Bunion Aid® splint,
released its latest patient education eBook, When the Foot Hits the Ground
from Toe to Heel: Bunion Self-treatment Products
. With warm weather around
the corner and women wanting to wear sandals, it is time to treat unsightly or
painful bunions. This complimentary eBook is a single source that provides an
overview of non-invasive bunion treatments and bunion splints.

In the
Bunion Busters feature on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz remarked that wearing bunion
splints is an effective way to treat bunions.Bunion splints are effective bunion treatments However, there is very little
published information about the role of wearing bunion splints in relieving
bunion pain and straightening the big toe,” says Marianne Mullins, author of When
the Foot Hits the Ground from Toe to Heel
and Director of Marketing at
Alpha Orthotics Corp. “My objective for this guide is to inform the reader
about how a splint must address the underlying causes of a bunion in order to be

and doctors share opinions and comments in this concise format. Patients
witness visible straightening of the big toe with daily use of bunion splints. Doctors
recommend bunion splints to relieve bunion pain and to prevent further
progression of a bunion. Although there are bunion pads, toe separators, and
toe straighteners on the market that help bunions, these treatments do not
treat the entire foot function. The hinged Bunion Aid splint is the most
effective treatment for addressing the underlying causes of a bunion. Marcus
Striebeck DC, DABCO, agrees, “Bunion Aid offers an advantage during the
straightening process. That is why I have added Bunion Aid as part of my bunion
management regiment.”

To learn
about bunion treatments and bunion splints, visit http://www.bunion-aid.com/alphaOrthotics-bunions-ebook/
and download this complimentary Bunion Splint Buyer’s Guide.

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