Alpha Orthotics Launches “Wake Up and Walk” Campaign

Millions with sore feet are
encouraged to get active

using foot orthotics like Bunion Aid™.

San Francisco, CA – November 1, 2009 – Forget baseball, walking for
exercise is America’s favorite pastime. 
According to SAGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association) nearly 76
million Americans walk at least once per week to keep fit.  Yet millions with sore aching feet due to
foot maladies such as hallux valgus or “bunions” are prevented from
participating in this healthy activity. 
The consequences of the lack of moderate exercise such as walking on a
regular basis can be weight gain, high blood pressure and increased risk for
heart disease.

Alpha Orthotics Corp. ( today
announced the launch of its “Wake Up and Walk” campaign today to encourage
people with foot problems such as bunions, mid-foot pain, splayfoot and
hammertoes, to “wake up and walk” at least 2.5 hours every week, as national
guidelines suggest, to relieve stress and improve general health. The campaign
includes a special discount of $10 for Bunion Aid and Bunion Aid Plus and two
Medial Mid-foot Braces for the price of one. No shipping and handling cost will
be charged through December 31, 2009.

“Aching feet cause both men and women to become
less active and sedentary”, stated Gaby Federal, President of Alpha
Orthotics Corporation. “We want to let the public know how important it is
to keep moving, and with the use of orthotics such as Bunion Aid and our Medial
Mid-foot Brace, foot pain does not have to prevent an active lifestyle.”

Bunion Aid™ is an award-winning hinged, flexible foot splint
that relieves bunion pain and is clinically proven to correct mild to moderate
bunions (Hallux Valgus).  This dynamic
day-and-night splint helps correct toe and joint mal-positioning, while
supporting the mid-foot and offering pain relief while walking or resting.
Bunion Aid fits on the left or right foot, and one size fits all.

The Medial Mid-foot Brace provides longitudinal arch
support, relieving mid-foot pain caused by general foot stress and strain
including splayfoot and fallen arch.  One
size fits all, the same device can be worn on either the right or left foot and
the brace is thin enough to slip into non-restrictive dress or casual
shoes.  The Medial Mid-foot Brace and
Bunion Aid are available online through the Alpha Orthotics website ( 

About Hallux Valgus
or “Bunions”

Hallux valgus forces the big toe outward, which causes the
metatarsal bone and the metatarsal capitulum to protrude.  Initially a
cosmetic problem, in due time serious pain can develop. Inflammation and
swelling of the ball, incorrect loading and initial joint attrition (arthrosis)
can lead to strong and persistent pain.  The reasons for the development
of Hallux valgus are an inherited predisposition, a tendency towards weak supporting
and connective tissue or muscular imbalance. Mal-positioning is aggravated by
too tight, too pointed and too small shoes.  Hallux valgus patients
traditionally have been treated with surgery or rigid night splints. Bunion-Aid
is an alternative for people with mild to moderate bunions and can help with
post-surgery treatment.

About Alpha Orthotics Corporation

Alpha Orthotics Corporation
( is a wholly owned subsidiary of German Hallufix
Corporation.  Alpha Orthotics markets and
sells patented, German-engineered non-invasive orthotic products directly to
consumers and to the medical community.