Alpha Orthotics Aims To Spread The Word About Foot Health

Free eBook: When the Foot Hits the Ground from
Toe to Heel

California – January 19, 2010
– Alpha Orthotics Corp, US distributor
of Bunion Aid™,
 released its first version of a free
electronic book, When
the Foot Hits the Ground from Toe to Heel
, that helps people save time
searching and evaluating the huge amount of information now available about
foot health. Alpha Orthotics compiled the most credible and current information
into this new, easy-to-read eBook format

are the foundation of health and wellness of our entire body; however, they can
be the most neglected part of our body. Nineteen percent of the US population has
on average 1.4 foot problems per year, according to the American Podiatric
Medical Association. With the aging population, increases in health costs, and
more awareness of preventative healthcare, minding our feet is becoming top of
mind for many Americans.

The first two chapters of this eBook are
about foot anatomy and shoes. Understanding the anatomy of our feet and how
foot disorders can affect other parts of our body is the first step in appreciating
the role of our feet in maintaining a fully functioning lifestyle. Selecting
proper fitting shoes is yet another step in preventing foot pain and foot

chapters review common foot disorders, with this first version covering one of
the most common foot ailments, Hallux valgus, also
known as a bunion. In the US alone, an estimate of over one-half of women have
some degree of Hallux valgus, and a lesser amount among men, according to the
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

those readers who want to delve deeper into a subject, links to other
resources, videos, and medical organizations are embedded throughout the eBook.
“In addition to being informative, we want When the Foot Hits the Ground
from Toe to Heel
to be entertaining, relevant, and current. We do not seek
to be the sole author,” said Gaby Federal, President, Alpha Orthotics Corp.
“Instead, we want people who have knowledge and experience with feet, foot
pain, and foot disorders to contribute to future versions.”

Orthotics encourages readers to share the eBook with other people who want to
learn more about their feet by simply downloading the PDF.

About Alpha
Orthotics Corp.

Alpha Orthotics Corp. ( is a
wholly owned subsidiary of German Hallufix Corporation.  Alpha Orthotics markets and sells patented,
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