A Christmas Stocking Filled With Foot Pain Relief

Bunion splints that relieve bunion pain – an
unexpected but thoughtful gift.

Tiburon, CA – November 16,
– Alpha Orthotics® Corp. encourages Santa to be practical this year by
filling your stockings with items that take care of your feet. According to the
American Podiatric Medical Association, over 53 million people in the U.S. have
foot problems per year. So with this many, be clever and healthy with ten
stocking stuffers for your feet!

1. Start
with socks. Your foot padding tends
to deteriorate as you age resulting in increased foot pain. Plus, each foot has
over 125,000A bunion splint as a gift item sweat glands that are activated by emotional stimulation. When barefoot,
the moisture dissipates; but in footwear, the moisture has no place to go –
resulting in excessive friction. A brand such as Thorlos® with extra-thick cushioning
and moisture wicking is a great gift for preventing foot pain and blisters.

2. Toe warmers are inexpensive
and easy to stash away when the temperatures unexpectedly drop. A great place
to conveniently place toe warmers is in the glove compartment of a car – just
in case of an emergency.

3. A
gift certificate to a local foot specialty store where the staff is trained in
biomechanics of feet and knows how to properly fit shoes. Comfort-fit shoes are surprisingly more stylish than ever before.
It’s a great way to support your local retailer and your feet!

4. “Off the charts”
foot reflexology session! Do you
ever treat yourself to foot
? It reduces stress which, of course,
can adversely affect various parts of the human body. Because feet and hands
help set the tension level for the rest of the body, reflexology is an easy way
to interrupt the stress signal and reset the body’s equilibrium.

Know anyone with a bunion? A bunion splint that reduces bunion pain
for a friend or relative can be a thoughtful, unexpected gift. The adjustable hinged splint from
Alpha Orthotics®, Bunion
, supports the mid-foot arch and corrects the bunion while walking. Because
one size fits most, and can be worn on the left or right foot, this splint is
easy to include in a stocking.

Miller of Ontario, Canada purchased a Bunion Aid for her mother because doctors
told her that foot surgery was most likely the best option but not until it got
worse, “Well……I thought this sounds ridiculous. There must be something we
can do. So I . . . ended up buying the Bunion Aid for her as a Christmas
gift….She has been wearing the Bunion Aid daily, she is working up to the suggested
2 to 3 hours a day.  She has noticed a
great improvement and has been pain free for our most recent shopping

And what about a treatment
for toenail fungus
affects about 6-8% of the adult population. Although there are prescription
ointments on the market that treat nail fungi, the newest drug-free treatment is
laser-based method. It can be effective after only one visit but may depend on
the severity of the toenail fungus.

On the lighter side. . . .

those who like to pamper their feet, give a pedicure gift certificate to a local nail salon.  Nail art is in, so add a few extra $$ for a
toenail bling!

Colorful nail

– forget the black; go with some opulent and metallic nail polishes such as OPI
Burlesque Collection
. So easy to drop into a stocking.

Marbles. But why
marbles? A great little item to have for exercising your
. Try picking up marbles with your toes; it’s a great exercise for your
feet in preventing hammertoes, ball of foot pain, and toe cramps.

9. Foot crèmes. There are many
wonderful foot crèmes and scrubs that hydrate and exfoliate even the toughest
feet. Bliss® Foot Patrol is packed with peppermint; it’s like wrapping your
foot in a candy cane!

Aid is available at www.alphaorthotics.com.
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